BOECKBN [NEWS] provides insights for industry, investors, and innovation accelerators into high-tech solutions and future markets – from Germany, Europe, and around the globe.

Unprecedented shifts are going on in various fields of technology. This news page will cover any forward-thinking approach to solving major problems in future technology. While covering disruptive technologies, this news will primarily focus on business-relevant aspects: Idea & concept, planning, finance, collaboration, investment, problem & best practice, political framework, market prospects, marketing & product — to IPO.

BOECKBN [NEWS] creates a platform for anyone involved in this process from founders and startups to industry, investors, financiers, and policymakers—regarding both small business and global corporations. It helps to cross-learn from various fields of future technology such as New Energy, Robotics & Engineering, Biotechnology, Infotech & AI, and Mobility & Space.

Fabian Böck, Publisher, Business Founder, Lawyer, CEO & Founder of BOECKBX
This news page is published by Fabian Böck. He is a publisher, business founder, and lawyer – living in the heart of Germany. Fabian has rich experience as editor-in-chief and co-organizer of a leading European-wide convention for public security. He now dedicates his passion and knowledge to the subject of future technology. Please get in touch with BOECKBN [NEWS] at any time and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Thank you!


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